Due to changes at SHAPE ReCLAIMED's corporate level, we have decided to not renew our contract with them. In our opinion, we feel that they have taken the main focus off of the patient, and some of the new requirements would force us to increase our cost of our program. Here at Salt Valley Chiropractic, as always we believe in putting the patient first, and do not feel the increased cost are justified or would provide a better outcome for the patient.

We will still be able to provide patient's with an effective program, without some of the side effects of Shape, such as rashes, psoriasis, hair loss, organ pains and other nutritional deficiencies. This is no way intended to degrade the Shape program, as it has helped many reach thier goals, and these things usually clear up after you are off the program for a while.

Please feel free to contact the clinic for more information regarding our new practitioner monitored detox.


SHAPE ReClaimedTM offered by

Salt Valley Chiropractic & Nutrition Clinic

Dr. Sarchenko and staff