Dr. Richard Sarchenko is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri.  He grew up in Michigan and has always had a love for learning and for fixing things.  He had a strong foundation in construction arts and engineering before he made the decision to became a Chiropractor.  Dr. Sarchenko experienced the benefits of Chiropractic in his own life after spending several years in and out of the hospital as a young adult.  He became fed up with the allopathic approach of medicine that emphasizes prescription drugs and surgeries as a solution to most problems.  He found that this was only treating the symptoms and the side effects from these drugs and surgeries were only making him in worse shape than before.  He found pain relief and a new lease on life from his chiropractors.  He now has the opportunity to offer this hope to his patients and to relate to them on their level.

Dr. Sarchenko and his wife and three children love exploring the mountains and kayaking the lakes in Utah

Dr. Richard Sarchenko, I.H.S.

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