Dr. Sarchenko’s treatment includes a neuro-­ÔÇÉmuscular technique known as NIMMO.  Some patients refer to it as a massage, but it is not.  Prior to the adjustment, he has you expose the part of the body he will be treating that day.  He applies a little lotion to assist on the treatment region (this is the part that some patients confuse with massage), this is done to reduce friction and assist in locating any active trigger points you may have, which is a sign of stress and inflammation.  This stress is sometimes the root of your discomfort, or sometimes the result of a health issue you may be experiencing.  Once this trigger point is located, he treats it by applying pressure for a few seconds to push out the inflammation and old blood.  It is like when you squeeze the tip of your finger, it turns white in color, pushing out any inflammation and old blood through your veins.  Once you remove the pressure on your finger, you will notice it takes a couple more seconds for the color to return.  This color change is the result of the arteries being under pressure, which pushes in fresh blood with new oxygen and nutrients, allowing the trigger points to heal faster and relax sooner. At this point he adjusts that particular region, which usually requires less adjusting force with the adjustment holding longer due to the trigger point being more relaxed and not stressing the bone to go back to the pre-adjustment position.

Cold Laser

We offer super pulse technology cold laser therapy, which research shows an improved recovery rate of up to 40%.

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